Best Shoes for Tai Chi Practice: Our Top 10 Recommendations for 2023

The Top 10 Best Shoes for Tai Chi Practice: Our Recommendations for 2023

Tai chi practice is a form of exercise combining different movements for increased awareness, balance, and coordination. The word “tai ”means “supreme”, ”chi” means “boundary”, and “Chuan” means “fist or movement”. It involves various body postures that are practiced in the presence of an instructor during a ti chi class. Tai chi shoes are the essential requirement of this simple yet elegant practice, unlike other martial arts. Finding the exact moderate shoes for that practice is quite critical and we are going to discuss all the factors that are crucial in selecting the best shoes for tai chi.

How to pick the best tai chi footwear?

Finding the best shoes for tai chi will demonstrate the benefits you are going to get from the practice. You can not rely on your average routine sports shoes with thick soles or strong core. You need something lightweight,flat-soled, and durable, with your feet and toes feeling the earth’s surface below it.

Here are the factors that are going to impact your purchase of tai chi training shoes:

Shoe sole

Tai chi sneakers that have thicker soles are not recommended for training so opting for a shoe with a flat sole is the right choice. You need to perform precise foot movements in tai chi practice and only a comfortable sole is going to ameliorate those diverse positions. There is a need to select a shoe that has a plastic, rubber, or cotton sole.

Rubber soles are the right fit for outdoor classes and can be adjusted easily providing flexibility when there is a need to exert extra pressure.

Cotton sole shoes are beneficial for wooden floors. They are very comfortable and breathable. They are one of the top shoes for tai chi in the lightweight category.


As long as you have breathable shoes for tai chi, you are in the right position to perform all your tai chi activities. You can find breathable shoes in both leather and canvas material although leather ones might be a little costly.

Review of the best shoes for tai chi

We will review the best comfortable tai chi shoes for you below and list our top ten recommendations.

Fitkicks Original Foldable Footwear

Fitkicks Men's edition: Best Shoes for Tai Chi
  • These are top-priority tai chi shoes for men with a rubber sole that provides durability and flexibility. It can conform to our shoe size easily and help us perform our poses elegantly.
  • These are minimalist shoes for tai chi because that minimalist aqua shoe look makes you feel at ease in them.
  • These slip-on shoes are specifically designed for tai chi, featuring an ergonomic fit and a rubber sole that ensures comfort and stability. They are also conveniently portable, making them ideal for travel.

Apika Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes

Apika Chinese Traditional Old Beijing Shoes: Tai Chi Training Shoes
  • If you are looking for traditional Chinese tai chi shoes then this is the recommended product for you. These are comfortable and minimalist design shoes for your tai chi practice.
  • As they are made of canvas so they are lightweight shoes for tai chi and have maximum breathability as well.
  • Their slip-on feature gives you no fuss in putting them on and removing them as well.

Motoo wings

Motoo wings: Lightweight Shoes for Tai Chi
  • These are leather tai chi shoes that have quite a sturdy build but are still lightweight.
  • They are recommended for outdoor training activities of tai chi.
  • Excellent use of adhesive and suction cup designs on its sole helps you give durability and a firm grip on the surface.
  • A tough exterior is developed for the endurance of adverse surroundings.

Unow Chinese traditional cloth shoes

Unow Chinese traditional cloth shoes: Tai Chi Sneakers
  • A traditional craft using modern manufacturing techniques helps in providing these lightweight shoes for tai chi.
  • They are so conventional and trendy that they can be used casually as well.
  • Their minimalist design with slip-on ability makes you feel barefooted. Their clothing layers are also breathable for the practice.
  • These shoes can be used for other martial arts like Kun Fu as well.

DoGeek Kung Fu Tai Chi Shoes

  • They are the best shoes for tai chi when you are going to opt for something traditional because they have all the desirable qualities.
  • They are no-slip Chinese shoes for tai chi due to their anti-slip rubber sole designs. They can be used on slippery floors for performing those complex movements without any hesitation.

Ace Martial arts shoes

Ace Martial arts shoes
  • Ace martial arts shoes are your choice if you are looking for something budget-friendly tai chi shoe in the market.
  • Their perfect design and strong sole will provide you with the enjoyment you need to feel during tai chi.
  • They can be washed in a machine that makes them optimal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Nufoot tai chi shoes for women

  • Fut Soles are one of the best shoes for tai chi practice in the women’s category. Women who want to live their active and healthy life to their maximum potential should consider these types of shoes.
  • These shoes fit to your feet like gloves and can conform easily allowing you to perform tai chi easily.
  • Their breathable and stretchable ability is the best feature one can look for.
  • Each pack includes a free drawstring back so you could pack them while traveling and accompany them anywhere.

Sansha Blitz Sneaker

Sansha Blitz Sneaker
  • If you are looking for tai shoes with arch support then Sansha is your brand.
  • Their arch-support design provides you with that durable look to resolve arch-related problems during spinning on a wooden floor or any other surface as well.
  • They have a rubber sole with a pliable design.

Dearfoams Cozy Sandals for tai chi

Dearfoams Cozy Sandals for tai chi
  • These closed-top slippers are perfect to slip on and off for tai chi and other gym activities.
  • The special kind of technology implemented in these shoes is designed to regulate temperature and provide you with no sweat comfort.
  • They have an in-built memory foam design to provide you cozy feeling whenever you put them on.

Budo Saga tai chi shoes

  • Budo Saga shoes are not traditional but provide a modern casual look for your tai chi practice.
  • They have a flat sole and have optimal toe space as well for that design.
  • They are best for performing tai chi activities outdoors and their endurance is visible from a tough exterior.


If you have just started tai chi practice then it’s even more essential to buy a high-quality pair of shoes. The above guide has explained to you our top 10 shoes for tai chi practice. Now you are all geared up with the information that you need to know before searching Amazon for the best shoes for tai chi. In short, Fitkick’s original men’s edition is our top recommended article for guys and APIKA traditional Chinese shoes are the right fit for women.

At, we are determined to provide you with resources and research-based information for your healthy living. So, stop neglecting those small mistakes and start acknowledging these steps to a prosperous healthy future!

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